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Ascot Court, BA14 0XA
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How Can We Help?

Here at Homefix we offer many specialised services. Whether your needs are plumbing, electrical, fencing, roof repairs, handyman repairs, or decoration, Homefix is here to help.

With our Trading address in Trowbridge we cover areas in Wiltshire, Bath and Somerset.

We pride ourselves on being a dependable and trustworthy team of skilled property professionals, aiming to deliver an exceptional home maintenance service, that our customers recommend to friends and family.

Whether you are a homeowner, business owner, landlord or Letting agent we will provide you with a fast and reliable, repair and maintenance service.

Why Homefix?

Homefix originated after we identified a need for a reliable “one stop shop” for most home improvement and repair needs.

Having worked closely with tradesmen in the past we realised that it is essential to have a quality assured trade who is readily available at times of need. In the past, during our property management era, we had typically built relationships with one-man bands but found that timing and availability could be problematic. The issue we encountered is “Plumber James” was often booked up and wasn’t able to resolve all of our leaks and breakdowns in a timely manner. Not his fault of course but this often led to “hassle” finding other tradesmen. Which can be very time consuming, often having no option but to use someone new and unknown. Waiting for “Plumber James” was not an option as it risked further property deterioration or tenant/landlord distress. This is why we decided to create our own company Homefix as a solution.

Homefix covers most areas of repair and home improvement. We have multiple skill trades able to complete our customers jobs without delay or inconvenience. We use IT systems to communicate and are always available to chat 7 days a week.

Registration Details

Homefix Services Ltd, registered address, White Horse Enterprise Centre, Ascot Court, Trowbridge, BA14 0XA. Company registration no.10507254, registered as a Ltd. Co. in England and Wales in December 2016, VAT reg no. 328393286


Our Associations

We are delighted to hold relationships with some of the leading handyman associations

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