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How to make your room look larger

Posted by: homefix_admin
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How To Make Your Room Look Larger | Creating Room Space | Home Maintenance | Making Living Room Bigger

Match your curtains to your wall

Curtains are the sort of accessory that can make or break a room.

Ensure the colour matches closely to the colour of your walls as possible.

Matching them will make sure everything looks ‘crisp’ and ‘streamlined’ – and also create an illusion of space.

Choose furniture with legs

The second tip to think about is choosing furniture with legs, as items that don’t graze the floor will create space underneath.

‘Think sofas and coffee tables with thin legs that provide you to see under.

You will be surprised at how much more room you suddenly think you have.

Give your walls ‘breathing room’

In the same way that it’s good to create a feeling of space underneath your furniture, so too can it be a good idea to avoid putting everything up against the wall.

While it might sound like having everything against the wall creates space for guests to move about in, in reality it often looks strange and it’s better to have all your furniture slightly brought in.

‘Doing this will mean your guests feel inclined to sit and enjoy the space.

Your walls will also feel less crowded as a result.